Maximize Your Legal Load Limit With SPIF4 Axle Upgrades

Transport Canada’s new regulations for “Safe, Productive, Infrastructure-Friendly” axle arrangements call for reduced load limits on straight trucks that do not comply with its SPIF4 specifications.

Cottrill is fully certified to reconfigure your truck with the steerable lift axle arrangement to restore your legal weights to its full capacity.

The final round of SPIF requirements, SPIF4 for straight trucks, came into force on July 1, 2011.

According to Transport Canada:

(SPIF) vehicles are designed to be as productive as possible while ensuring their performance characteristics meet or exceed national guidelines and minimizing heavy truck damage to roads and bridges. Highway safety will improve, as SPIF vehicles provide superior stability and control and can operate within acceptable amounts of space when turning or making emergency manoeuvres.

Straight trucks and their trailers built from that date onwards have to be built to SPIF standards or operate at reduced weights. Trucks or trailers built prior to July 2011 are grandfathered until the end of 2020.

Existing vehicles may be converted to SPIF at any time. If converting to one of the SPIF trucks, semi-trailers, or trailers equipped with one or more self-steering axles, the conversion must be done by a facility authorized by Transport Canada to install and rate axles. The company converting the vehicle must add an additional compliance label which includes the company's name, revised axle weight ratings and the notation "SPIF" to certify the vehicle meets all SPIF standards. Any new SPIF vehicle equipped with self-steering axles must also show the "SPIF" notation on a compliance label.

For more information on SPIF axle arrangements, visit the Ontario Ministry of Transport (MTO).