From Heavy Trucking To Heavy Trucks

The Cottrill family learned all about trucks the same way most of our customers do: by taking them on the road every day to earn a living.

Four generations of Cottrills have been driving heavy trucks since 1937. The family business began with coal and fuel oil deliveries, then our truck fleet became part of our paving and gravel business.

Heavy-duty work taught us quite a bit about how trucks work and, especially, how they don’t! We encountered all the problems that other fleets see as they try to bring together the right equipment with the right installation skills to produce a dependable working truck. Matt Cottrill first took on the truck service trade to meet the family’s own needs for supporting its dump truck fleet. Eventually, we saw the opportunity to help other operators in the Kincardine area by opening a facility dedicated to servicing trucks properly.

In 1999, the Cottrills made a family decision to turn all their attention onto work trucks built the right way. Cottrill Heavy Equipment was established as a specialist in the assembly and servicing of heavy-duty dump trucks for the aggregates industry.

Our success with gravel and soil dumps opened doors for Cottrill Heavy Equipment to expand its scope to a wide range of specialized trucks and equipment for agricultural, landscape and utility trades.

We spend most of our time working “on” trucks now, but we still start every day thinking about the needs of people who work “with” trucks. You’ll see how that experience makes the difference in the build of every Cottrill-built truck.