About Cottrill Heavy Equipment

Cottrill Heavy Equipment has been integrating, outfitting and repairing heavy-duty trucks and trailers since 1999. We take pride in knowing our customers, understanding their needs and delivering the best truck solutions based on a quality build every time.

Our commitment to truckers and their industry is reflected in our qualification for the Transport Canada Safety Mark and our membership in the Canadian Truck & Equipment Association.

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Cottrill has invested in developing one of Ontario best-equipped workshops for completing a full range of assembly, fabrication and repair service on our site.

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Trust Cottrill quality and service for:

Increased productivity: Optimum payloads, smart features and attachments; built-in durability for maximum uptime

Simple operation: Custom options to suit your work, your equipment and your roads; convenient controls for a truck that works with you

Longer life: Trusted brand name components from end-to-end; premium finishing to keep your truck looking and working like new

Lasting confidence: At Cottrill, we service what we sell; we take every step to make you proud to say your truck is built by Cottrill!