A Quality Build Every Time For Aggregate Haulers And Soil Trucks

Look for our Transport Canada sticker when we deliver your new truck.

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Choosing the truck body you want is just one step toward the truck you really need for a productive life in aggregates and soil hauling applications

The heavy-duty truck and body experts at Cottrill are ready to show you how we work with the specific needs of your application to deliver a better build that adds extra value to the return on your truck investment.

ROADBUILDERS: Get today’s safest, most cost-efficient way to dig around buried utility pipes, cables and infrastructures with Tornado Hydrovacs non-destructive excavation trucks built by Cottrill.

The Difference Is In The Build

For every day reliability, on-the-job productivity and long-life performance, trust Cottrill to get all the details right – every time.

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Today’s top brands in haul truck equipment trust Cottrill to install and support their products with an unrivalled commitment to customer service.

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Beau-Roc: Our success story began as the regional source for the industry leader in heavy-duty trucks for aggregates, soils and compost

Tornado Hydrovacs: Cottrill is the exclusive manufacturer of Tornado Hydrovacs truck-mounted non-destructive excavation systems in eastern Canada and the eastern United States.

The Shooter: The high speed belt conveyor that precisely shoots gravel right where you need it, up to 90’ away

Drive Products Inc. (DPI)  Tailor your hydraulics to your tools and attachments with custom controls, fittings, pumps, compressors and winches

Mailhot: Hydraulic lift cylinders renowned for outstanding resistance to corrosion in salt and chemical environments

Metaris: The full range of hydraulic pumps and components to suit your specific needs

Beka-Max: Heavy-duty automatic lubrication systems to take the time and trouble out of everyday truck maintenance