The Difference Is In The Build

“Built by Cottrill” means you get it right every time for aggregate and soil haul trucks that deliver:

  • Increased productivity
  • Simple operation
  • Longer life
  • Lasting confidence

Quality detailing and custom features make all the difference in lifetime value hauling heavy loads of stone, gravel and soil on and off the road.

Strength & Weight: Cottrill offers real choice to optimize payloads and durability with lightweight, high tensile steel bodies; complete in-shop capabilities for custom wheelbases and SPIF4 axle arrangements.

Tailgates: Customize your truck with tailgate configurations and hinge placements to match your material type for loading and unloading needs; ask about side-opening and high lift tailgate options.

Attachments: Featuring “The Shooter” conveyor placement system which allows you to have one truck do two jobs; accurately place material up to 90’ away!

Electrical: Cottrill designs your electrical features to run on sealed wiring harnesses and weathertight junction boxes for worry-free operation with fast troubleshooting and easy access.

Lubrication: Beka-Max optional auto-greasing systems take the time and hassle out of routine servicing, so you know it gets done right!

Routings: Extra attention to detail eliminates problems before they start – Cottrill takes every step to protect wiring, hydraulics and air lines from potential pinch points, abrasion and impacts.

Hydraulics: We install only 3-line hydraulic systems with premium grade hoses and fittings from preferred quality brands. Optional air shift diverter valve available.

Finishing: The extra minutes we invest in paint pays off in years of protection for you – all components are carefully stripped and sandblasted before we prime with epoxy and finish with a tough urethane top coat.

Service: Cottrill works with you for the life of your truck: warranty service, safety inspections, emissions tests, collision repairs; servicing for air, hydraulic and electrical systems; sandblasting and paint.           

Learn more about Cottrill truck body maintenance and repair services.