Arctic Provides Industry-Leading Snow Plow Equipment

Arctic has been a trusted leader in the snow plow and snow removal equipment industry since 1969. Based in London, Ontario, Arctic Snow Plows are most often identified by their signature orange paint scheme. Designed to excel in Canada’s harsh winter conditions, Arctic snow plows, salting and sanding solutions are ready to take on the tough task of cleaning up after a winter storm.

Choose from steel or polyethylene

Arctic’s 10 and 12 gauge steel snow plows are reinforced with integrated vertical ribs which help to form a strong and durable unit. Arctic’s polyethylene snow plows use an advanced polyethylene blade design which helps to create a slick surface, moving more snow while minimizing forward resistance, improving fuel economy and reducing wear on vehicle power-train components. 

Arctic’s highly durable, hitch-mounted salting and sanding equipment is designed to toss salt and sand up to 40 ft. and made to withstand corrosion and extreme cold.

For parking lots and driveways that require cleanup of leaves, dirt and gravel, the Arctic Power Angled Broomer® takes on the task with ease. Available in 5 sizes, from 60 to 120 in., the Broomer can be raised, lowered or angled to fit any job perfectly.

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