Beka-Max Environmentally-Friendly Automatic Lubrication Systems

The Beka-Max range of products was developed for the harsh conditions found in agricultural, construction and trucking industries. Each Beka-Max product is environmentally friendly, designed to extend component life and minimize downtime. This is achieved by allowing greasing to be done while operating which also provides better coverage, maximum protection and extended service life.

Durable & powerful automatic lubrication systems

Beka Lube, the makers of the Beka-Max line of products understand the need for durable products that last in the field. Made with cast aluminum, Beka-Max lubrication systems are more durable than competitors using plastic materials. The powerful pump on a Beka-Max lubrication system is so powerful that it can pump standard shop grade grease at low temperatures.

Beka-Max products work with all of the most common lubricants including NLGI 000, 00, 0, 1 & 2 and include 3 operating modes for added flexibility; cycles, time & revolutions. Compared to other brands, Beka-Max Automatic Lubrication systems will not pump air, which can save time by not having to purge lines.

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