Snow Plow Operators Trust BLIZZARD®

BLIZZARD is an innovator in snow plow technology, with a wide range of models for any snow plow operator. Their product line includes plows small enough to fit compact pickup trucks and utility vehicles as well as models for skid-steer installation.

The HD Straight Blade is a perfect match for those who want a straight blade that’s durable yet functional.

As the industry’s first expandable-wing, hydraulically adjustable snowplow, the BLIZZARD POWER PLOW® is able to hydraulically expand moldboard width at the touch of a button to perfectly match the conditions. Another innovation, the BLIZZARD SPEEDWING™ will automatically angle backward and forward, taking efficiency to a whole new level and allowing the operator to tailor plowing to any condition.

Durable POWERCOAT finish protects from the elements

Included on every BLIZZARD snow plow is the BLIZZARD POWERCOAT system. This high-gloss, baked-on powder coat system protects from corrosion and environmental factors, to extend the life of each BLIZZARD snow plow.

In addition to a full line of snow plows, BLIZZARD Hopper Spreaders and Tailgate Spreaders bring added productivity to operators. Sizes range from 8 cu. ft. for smaller applications to the 2.5 cu. yd. ICE CHASER™ model which is perfect for municipal contractors.

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