Mailhot: A Problem Solver In Hydraulic Design

Over the years, Mailhot Industries has positioned itself as a problem solver in the field of hydraulic design and manufacturing. Mailhot cylinders are known for their ability to withstand corrosion, thanks to their Arcor-N® salt bath nitriding process. It’s because of this process that Mailhot hydraulic cylinders are better-protected against wear and corrosion, allowing the company to offer one of the best warranties in the industry. Whether you need telescopic cylinders or rod cylinders, Mailhot can offer a superior product that will withstand corrosion better than other similar products in the industry.

Remanufactured products, made of recycled products can make a great choice for the environmentally conscious or those wanting to save. Remanufactured Mailhot cylinders can save a customer as much as 70% over the cost of new.

Custom orders in small batches

Mailhot is able to offer the flexibility that many others can’t. Custom hydraulic cylinders are available in small batches of only 5 pieces making Mailhot a great choice for smaller manufacturers in need of hydraulic components.

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