Metaris Hydraulic Components

Metaris is recognized globally as a leader in power transmission and hydraulic components, manufacturing high quality, durable products that can withstand the daily grind. With facilities in Canada and the United States, Metaris is committed to offering products better, faster and more economical than competitors. With a history that dates back to the 1950s, Metaris has developed a customer-base that spans the globe.

Among the products that Metaris is able to offer Cottrill customers, Piston Pumps, Vane Pumps, Gear Pumps and PTO products are just a few. 

Metaris committed to quality

Metaris is committed to quality, utilizing high quality materials like cast iron in the production of their pumps. Quality, however, is not limited to the materials, but also extends to their manufacturing processes. They are committed to building the highest quality, most durable products to satisfy their customers’ requirements.

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