The Shooter™: Moving Gravel Faster

The Shooter gravel conveyor is a unique, high speed belt conveyor made by Gravel Conveyors Inc. The Shooter, with its patented design, shoots gravel up to 100’, in almost any direction that you want it to go.

Contractors know that placing gravel can be a time consuming job and that’s exactly why The Shooter was developed; to help save time and make it easier to place gravel exactly where you want it in an efficient manner. 

How does The Shooter work?

Connected to the truck’s PTO, The Shooter can swing side to side and shoot material with just one person. No need to have multiple people on-site to place gravel. Just hook The Shooter up and in just over 6 minutes, The Shooter can move as much as 20 tons of gravel or aggregate.  Because it moves side to side, it reduces the need for raking and allows the driver of the truck to also place the gravel without the need to use another piece of equipment. Just think of the savings when you employ The Shooter on your next project.

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