Snow Plow Operators Trust SnowEx®

SnowEx is an innovator in snow plow technology. With its expanded product line-up, SnowEx offers a complete array of snow plows ranging from commercial duty to personal use plows.

The history of SnowEx is a long list of innovations: low maintenance motor/drive systems, V-box spreaders with corrosion resistant poly hoppers, and wireless controlled utility spreaders are just some of the recent innovations that SnowEx has brought to the industry.

Less is more!

From a design standpoint, we understand the need to keep it working at all times. That’s why you will not find engines, pulley, sprockets, belts or chains on and of the SnowEx granular spreaders

Why SnowEx

At SnowEx, they got their start as ice and snowfighters before becoming an manufacturer. They have done their time and their fair share of all-nighters and have lived through them. Today, their designs reflect that experience in every piece of snow equipment they make. Whether it is a snow plow for your driveway, lot contracts or city streets, SnowEx has it all.

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