TruckCraft Truck Body Solutions

TruckCraft provides light truck body and insert solutions, with models to fit almost any use.  TruckCraft utilizes lean manufacturing, which ensures that costs are controlled and the finished product is both quality, affordable and on time. Most TruckCraft products can be shipped with a 4 week lead time.   

Steel or aluminum dump inserts

TruckCraft utilizes both steel and aluminum in the manufacture of their truck bodies and dump inserts, making them perfect for a wide variety of users looking for a durable and long-lasting insert.

Small contractors will want to get their hands on dump inserts that can be added to a standard pickup truck, merging the convenience of a pickup truck with the versatility of a dump truck. 

For one ton trucks, TruckCraft builds a wide variety of dump truck inserts, flatbeds and combo inserts, perfect for landscape contractors. And of course, for icy Canadian winters, TruckCraft manufactures salt spreaders that conveniently attach directly to the tailgate of a one ton truck.

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