Voth Dump Bodies

Although a relative newcomer to the industry, Eden Ontario-based Voth Truck Bodies has positioned itself as a leader among the landscaping, municipal and forestry industries. Voth dump bodies easily appeal to a wide variety of contractors from one man operations to large scale contractors.

Individual users will appreciate Voth’s pickup truck inserts that easily convert a standard pickup truck into a small dump truck. Dump flats, flat decks and chipper bodies are also manufactured making Voth a contender no matter what type of dump body you require. Transporting equipment, soil or wood chips can all be accomplished using a Voth dump body. Even multi-day clean-ups are made easy with a roll-off dump body which can be left on the jobsite, ready to pickup the next day. Many units are already manufactured, ready to install on your chassis as needed.

Need a custom dump body?

Partnering with Cottrill and Voth, a custom body can be fabricated to meet your exact specifications. If you don’t see what you need, inquire about custom fabricated Voth dump bodies at Cottrill.

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