Waltco Truck Liftgates

Waltco Lift Corp. has over 50 years experience in manufacturing, and today is the manufacturer of high quality, durable hydraulic lift gates. Based in Ohio, Waltco provides liftgates to some of the largest truck leasing companies in the United States, including Ryder and Hertz. 

With over 50 models to choose from, Waltco manufactures lift gates that will meet most customer needs. With support for weights of 1,250 lbs. all the way up to over 6,000 lbs., Waltco makes loading and unloading easier. 

Waltco liftgates for any industry

You don’t have to go far to see a Waltco liftgate in action. Many industries including food service, beverage, dairy, nurseries and retail use Waltco liftgates. They’re perfect when a traditional loading dock is not available, like delivering milk to a corner store or gas to a small welding shop.

Whether it’s a flipaway, bottled gas, rail-type, side loader or conventional liftgate, Waltco builds liftgates for just about any application.

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