TornadoTornado Hydrovacs models and capabilities

Customers call the Tornado Hydrovacs the world’s best-built hydro excavation truck. Proven in the oil fields of Western Canada, Tornado invested years to develop the industry’s most durable, reliable and operator-friendly hydro excavation system. Now, Tornado Hydrovacs has appointed Cottrill Heavy Equipment to manufacture and distribute these trucks for customers from Manitoba to the Maritimes and throughout the eastern United States.

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See our videos on YouTube for a close-up look at non-destructive excavation with Tornado Hydrovacs trucks.

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Download the Tornado Hydrovacs brochure for detailed specifications and features of the F1, F2, F3 or F4.



Tornado F1

Tornado F2

Tornado F3

Tornado F4

Debris Capacity

4 cu. yd.

7 cu. yd.

13 cu. yd.

13 cu. yd.

Water Capacity

550 US GAL

1000 US GAL

1627 US GAL

2366 US GAL

Standard Blower

2367 cfm

2367–3658 cfm

3658–5400 cfm

3658–5400 cfm

Water Pump

Cat tri-plex water pumps • 14–60 GPM • 0–3000 PSI


6" TopGun

6" TopGun

8" TopGun

8" TopGun