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TornadoTornado Hydrovacs non-destructive excavation systems

Customers call the Tornado Hydrovacs the world’s best-built hydro excavation truck. Proven in the oil fields of Western Canada, Tornado invested years to develop the industry’s most durable, reliable and operator-friendly hydro excavation system. Now, Tornado Hydrovacs has appointed Cottrill Heavy Equipment to manufacture and distribute these trucks for customers from Manitoba to the Maritimes.

Learn more about the Tornado Hydrovacs model line-up and capabilities here.

Hydro excavation utilizes a high pressure water drill to safely dig around pipes, cables and infrastructures buried underground and under roadways. The drill is paired with a powerful vacuum system to remove debris from the excavation as a slurry, and pump it into a truck-mounted tank. The process allows exceptional precision and fast removal of material while protecting pipes and cables from damage.

Look for our Transport Canada sticker when we deliver your new truck.


The wholly self-contained Hydrovacs truck system replaces traditional excavators, backhoes and shovels for:

  • Potholing (visual confirmation of buried lines)
  • Slot trenching
  • Utility pole holes and piling holes
  • Debris removal and cleanups
  • Service and splice pits
  • Pipeline and utility crossings
  • Directional drilling test holes